Thursday, 5 February 2015

Crossword Puzzle for Lakshya

If you are conducting any technical event based on electronics in college and looking for something new, then this electronics crossword quizz might be of some interest. And if not, then challenge yourself...  Answer the questions below!


1              In a robotic competition the track is of 80m which is to be complete in 2 minutes. Henry was making a robot using wheels of radius 6/pi cm. What should be the minimum rpm of motor that he can use?    [RPM of motors are 100,200,300,400…].

3          Two scientists X and Y are friends. Since 13 is the favorite number of X, he has set his system in such a way that all the information sent to and received by fellow scientists is in base 13. While Y likes number 7 so his receives/sends data in base 7.
Now X sent A3 from his terminal. What would be received by Y?

 4         How many pins are there in a 7 segment LED display?

5          Henry was soldering his components on a GPB. He needed a surface to place his GPB on top of it for proper soldering. Which of the following surfaces could he use?
101      Aluminium chasis
111      Laptop
001      Polished Stainless Steel
010      Cushion.

6          See the circuit given below:

Choose the correct option from the below:
(If you choose 1st option then write 05 else 06).
05        The LED will glow when light does not fall on LDR.
06        The LED will glow when the light falls on the LDR.

10        The current through R2 is ___ mA.

11        You are programming a 8 bit timer. The clock frequency is 16Mhz. Prescalar has been set to 64.  In one for loop the timer registers gets overflowed once. What counter will you set for this for loop if you want to count 1 second? (Round of all the other digits to zero except the most significant digit. For e.g. If your answer is 2301, write it as 2000).

12        What is the degree of freedom of an omni wheel (holonomic wheel) ?

2          In the following figure, for the output to be 1, what should be the input ABCD?

3              The output V0 of the following circuit is: ___ * 10-2  V.

4          The Capacitance of a ceramic capacitor with 150 written on centre is ____ pico farad.

7          The resistance of a resistor with first three color bands Green-Blue-Orange is _____ kilo ohm.

8.         Ultrasonic sensors, which are used mainly to measure the distance emits waves with velocity 340m/s. As soon as the waves are sent out by the transmitter it sends a HIGH signal to controller, and when the waves, after getting reflected back from the object/wall again comes back to the receiver , the signal becomes LOW. You know that the time period for which the signal was on is X micro seconds. In order to calculate the distance in centimeters, you must divide the number X  with some value Y. What is Y?

9          The value of Vo in the following circuit is ___ mV. (ignore the sign if any).
10        The AC voltage spplied in india for domestic purpose is ___V. (Round of the last digit to zero.  +/- 10V will be considered correct. )

11       If Vo = |Vo| for the following circuit than it will act as which type of gate?

01 EX-OR         02 EX-NOR      03 OR              04 NAND.


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