Wednesday, 17 September 2014

DIY clap activated LED bracelet

Imagine all the people in a group wearing the bracelet and they all glow at the same time on clapping!!

This tutorial will guide on how to make this simple DIY wearable device

Wearable Clap lit bracelet

Components Needed:
·         Mic. (I took it from one of non working earphones)
·         Potentiometer 10k.
·         Resistance 1k.
·         Colored LEDS – 8.
·         Transparent plastic pipe. (Diameter approx 1 cm).
·         NPN transistors. – 2
·         3v lithium cell.
·         Battery cap.

Few wires, soldering iron, and a small piece of GPB and there you go!

Basic Circuit:

Working :
We will use two transistors in cascade to provide amplification of current. Using two transistors will be enough to light up 7-8 leds using just 3v supply.
According to our circuit, the LEDs will glow only when Q2 turns ON, thus providing a ground path to LEDS. Q2 will turn on when Q1 does not conduct. So, we have to set the potentiometer in such a way that when you clap, only at that time the Q1 goes off. This value usually comes in between 4-4.5 k.
Note: Be careful about checking out positive and negative terminals of mic before soldering. Otherwise you may not get the output.

Let’s Get Started:

Mount the above circuit on a small piece of GPB. Since we are making a wearable, we will try our best to adjust it all in the smallest size possible.

Cut out the unused portion of the board.
Next, solder the MIC and the battery cap.
And then connect LEDs in parallel.

After connecting it to the circuit, set the potentiometer.
 Place it inside the tube.

We have covered the circuit with a thread. A hole is made in the pipe and ribbon has been taken out from it. A similar hole on the other end, and there you go!!

Wanna See?

Wear it, clap, and have fun!

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