Monday, 29 December 2014

CircuiTricks ~ Simplest way to make simple circuits with JUST a pencil

I was sitting with my younger brother trying to explain him what is "conductivity", how a circuit gets completed and electrons get a path to flow, how does resistance increases with length, increases with increase in area and all the other stuff..

Boiling down everything to equations can be boring.. But I managed to get all this through his head that how does circuits work by this very simple concept...

Not stretching too long, here I will show you what all you can do with a "9B" graphite pencil.

Have a look:

Well, isn't this quite simple?

Take up a pencil, button cells and a LED..
When you do this by yourself, you will realize that the intensity decreases with increase in length of the path drawn. And if you draw out a broad path, intensity will increase.

That is because: R = (Resistivity)*(length)/Area.

The only trick here is the 9B pencil that gives a conducting path!!

So, go ahead and make your cool stuff with CircuiTricks..

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And also, if you have cool ideas to make things with Pencil and electronics, write to us at and you can get a FREE CircuiTricks kit or a CircuiTricks Tshirt..

Go ahead, and show your creativity..

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